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New Year, New Ideas!

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With the
Passion of a New Grad
Thoughts from Rachael at
Miss Rachael Teaches

In less than a year, I will be a teacher. It is, in fact, 10 months and five days
until my degree is FINISHED! and then I prepare for graduation and find a job.

I am excited – it’s been a the year journey to get this piece of paper, and though I
only turn 20 years old twelve days before my course is complete, I am excited.
Let me tell you why… in the hope that a few of you seasoned and resource-loaded
teachers might find re-ignited passion heading into the 2013 school year (for
friends in Australia like me!) or to finish the 2012-13 year well (American
  •  Kids are full of questions, surprises and
    wisdom. We just have to take time to listen.
  •  I am influential without even try (and that’s
    why I have to try).
  • Teaching = The most creative job ever! and the
    most fun!

I cannot wait to get into a classroom. I know there is much I can teach to a class of under-10's, but I anticipate that there will be much, much more that they teach me! I cannot wait to learn from my students - learn compassion, diversity, imagination, how to juggle one hundred jobs at once... :) 

There is an authority and power that comes with being a teacher - just think about those teacher glares! To have the title of 'teacher' is an honour and comes with a badge that makes most little kiddos stare at you in awe (momentarily, anyway). I know that I, even now, am constantly being watched - so it's up to me to be the positive role-model and influence these kids need. And I'm excited to see my life live up to that challenge! 

And, of course making stuff! Decorating bulletin boards, writing up newsletters, designing (and selling on TPT!) unit plans and centre activities... I could go on and on! There are so many creative things that have to be done as a teacher (I should have said behaviour management!). I know that curriculum, at least here in Australia, is becoming more restrictive and defined, but in some ways I think this gives me the opportunity to really be creative in delivering these lessons to reach and build the minds of a diverse range of little people. 

Source: Uploaded by user via Megan on Pinterest

All of these things make me love the quote above. I am not a quiet teacher, by any means, and I certainly will not have silent classrooms (most of the time!). I am excited about living life loud with some awesome kids, being noisy (or is it only myself who sings all the time!?!?) and colourful (excuse my Aussie spelling) and creating lots of memories of life along the way. 

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(you can follow it but clicking the link in the right hand sidebar) I’d also love for you to leave a comment and tell me – why do you teach? What inspires you to keep teaching?


P.S. Sorry for using ‘and’ at the start of lots of sentences. It’s a bad habit this almost-teacher is going to have to curb soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing that great resource from your blog post at Literacy and Laughter. It will definitely come in handy. I made sure that I bookmarked that site.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  2. Thanks for sharing your great tips at Literacy and Laughter. I can definitely use them with my students!

    Teacher Sol :)
    You can visit my blog at: Teacher Sol’s FUNSHINE

  3. What a great site you posted about on your guest blog post!! I'm definitely bookmarking it for my class of (sadly) non-readers this year. Always looking for ways to inspire them!

  4. Good luck with your journey into teaching!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Stephany! So great to get to know you all through the link up!
      Miss Rachael Teaches


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