Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Freebie Spotlight!

Check out this great freebie from gingerose:

Color My World Activity White
This packet contains 27 pages! It all focuses on the color white and includes a variety of activities.

some of the pages that you get

My students loved getting to do all of the different activities. I liked it because it's a great way to focus on the sight word "white." Plus there is such a variety of activities that you can find something to meet the different levels of your students. There is circling objects that are white, tracing the word white, cutting out the letters to spell the word white, etc. My more advanced students enjoyed cutting out the letters to spell the word white and doing the activity where you circle the letters that are included in the word white. I definitely recommend this freebie to any pre-k or kindergarten teacher who is doing activities to learn colors, a winter unit or learning color sight words. 

I placed the 'circle the objects that are white' in a file folder to be a game. 

Also, gingerose has made a packet for each color! You can get individual packets or she has also bundled different ones together and there is a mega packet where you get the activities for all of the colors!

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