Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Busy Updating My Classroom

I've spent the last 3 days (and will spend the rest of the week) cleaning my classroom and updating all of my bulletin boards, labels, getting everything ready and made for the new students, checking over toys, organizing books and cleaning. Along with still having to do summer camp with the few students I have left that have not gone to kindergarten yet. At least they like to help and clean :)  We have 2 weeks left of summer camp before we switch back over to the school year and its my last week of working full time because my school starts next week. Starting next week I will be with my pre-k class 4 days a week and then a kindergarten class 1 day a week (this is for my practicum).  So I have a lot of stuff to do, especially since my classroom is getting checked out and observed next week by different people. 

used my Cameo to cut out different buildings for my bulletin board

I couldn't get the whole board in one picture, but here's my new board in my blocks and construction area. 

 And all I want to do is print off all of the great stuff I got during the TPT sale, laminate and cut it all out and get it all organized and ready to go. Maybe by the end of this week I'll be ready for that. My poor printer and laminator are going to hate me when I finally start getting all of this stuff ready that I got this weekend plus everything else for the beginning of the year for  2 different classes. 

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  1. We are all so busy this time of year setting up and getting ready. I actually have another few weeks (I teach kindergarten in NYC) but my mind is preparing!

    Wonderful blog. I am your newest follower. :)


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