Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Have Who Has Shapes Game!

Today I am going to share my "I have who has-colors plus shapes" game with you! This is a fun and engaging game to help your students practice their colors and shapes at the same time! There are 24 cards included in this game and the cards are printed 4 cards per page. The shapes that are included are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. 

 To play, the player says I have (color and shape) who has (color and shape). For example, the middle card (in the picture below) the player would say "I have the orange circle, who has the red square?"
first 3 cards
 There are start and end cards included. The end card has a red octagon :)
first and last cards
 When you are not using the cards, they are easily stored in a sandwich size bag.
easy storage!
My students love playing "I have, who has games." I like these games because they engage the whole group and everyone has to pay attention because you don't know who has the card before yours and you don't want to get caught not paying attention and affecting the game. Do you use "I have, who has" games in your class?

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