Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun Rainbow Craft!

During our rainbow and colors unit we made this cute rainbow craft! This pin inspired this craft project and I was impressed with how well my class was able to do this on their own. We did have a few rainbows that were a little squashed due to trying to glue down the edges but overall they did a great job.

I cut a piece of black construction paper in thirds for students to use as the base to glue on their rainbow strips. I cut the rainbow strips out for the students prior to starting the project so that the the sizes would work for making the rainbow. I cut the red paper first and then did each color about 1/2 inch shorter than the previous color.

To put it together you fold the edges and apply the glue so that the folded part (like a flap) is what you are gluing onto the black paper. You need to start with the purple (or whatever color you are using for the bottom layer of your rainbow).

I would recommend holding the flaps down for a moment to make sure that they stick. We did our flaps on top of each other as much as possible so that it was easier to make them stick on the paper. Once we had all of the layers on we did set something on a few of the edges to make sure that they would stay down.

finished rainbow

Our finished rainbows made a nice colorful display beneath our bulletin board showcasing where we had practiced writing our color words.

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