Monday, April 8, 2013

Word Problems Galore!

How often do you use word problems with your class? I use word problems every day with my first graders. We usually do one (sometimes 2) during morning work. Then during the week we usually do one or two during math and usually have one to do for homework as well. Also I have two math centers that always focus on word problems. One center has problems to go along with whatever skills we are currently practicing and the other center has "challenge" problems (especially for my upper students). I go through a lot of word problems.

To complete our word problems, students have to have three things on their paper for their answer to be considered complete. They have to have their number sentence/equation, a word sentence answering the question, and some sort of picture (more than one is always great) showing the problem. Pictures can include using counters, ten frames, hundreds boards, number line, etc. One thing we are really focusing on now (especially since we know a variety of strategies) is selecting the best strategy to use. It's not wrong if they select a different strategy to use, but we do talk about which one would be the best, such as using a number line when doing 45 + 10 instead of drawing counters.

I have no idea how many word problems I have created so far this year, but I have now starting putting them together in packets and putting them on TPT. Some of the problems are 2 on a page (each problem is 1/2 a page so that you can cut it in half and use 1 problem or do both problems). The other problems are (usually) 6 to a page and in black and white for easy printing. These problems I use for math journals, I just cut them out and I'm ready to go.

Now for your freebie! I have a packet of 6 pet theme word problems available for free. These problems focus on 3 digit addition. In addition to the paper version of the word problems, you can download them for the ActivBoard for free as well!

As I organize my word problems into packets there will be more available in my store and I will be bundling ones together as well, such as seasons and holidays. I will be offering the ActivBoard versions as well so that you have the problem available on the ActivBoard to work through with your class (or if you are trying to save on paper).

Another packet of word problems that I have available is Word Problems: Spring Theme. It has a total of 30 problems that are aligned to the 1st grade math common core standards. You can win a copy for free! All you need to do is leave a comment (with your email address) and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday night!

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