Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh No! My Snowman Melted!

We have been finishing up our winter/arctic/snow unit! Our last craft activity that we did was our "melted snowman." We learned all about freezing and melting and did a couple of different science activities with freezing and melting as well. For our last day we made melted snowman since (hopefully) it will start to warm up outside! This is an easy project to do. All you need is 3 circles of different sizes, colorful background paper, glue, and items to decorate the snowman with (eyes, buttons, scarfs, etc). I let them put together and decorate their snowmen however they wanted to and they were pretty creative! 

making the snowman

this one decided to add some glitter since snow is sparkly. 

melted snowman!

Once we were done, we named our snowman and wrote a sentence about why our snowman melted. A few melted because they visited the beach and the beach is hot, others because it winter ended so that means no more snow and one sent his on a rocket ship to the sun because the sun is hot and would be able to melt his super snowman. 

Goodbye winter/snow/arctic! I'm personally ready for some warmer weather themes :) 

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  1. Those snowmen are so cute! I will have to pin this for next year!



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