Sunday, October 21, 2012

Science Theme Linky Party!

I've spend most of today working on science and math resources. I've been searching for science books, lessons and activities (and clip art to use to create resources) to go along with the essential standards. After searching for science items today I realized how much I'm lacking in science resources, including books and activities. Yay for Amazon and 2 day shipping for prime members because I have been ordering science related books. So I decided to create a linky party where we can share elementary science items with each other. You can link up pinterest boards, blog posts, articles, products, activities, etc (feel free to link up with more than one resource) and I'm going to be creating a page on my blog with science stuff with links to different resources for the different essential standards categories. So if you have anything please link up! Plus if you have any science related pinterest boards I would love to follow them. 


  1. Hi! I read about your linky on the TPT forum. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.
    Looking through my resources made me aware of how few I have, so hopefully I'll be inspired to make more! My links are mainly literacy activities designed to reinforce science teaching and vocabulary - hope that's okay!


  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower! Thanks for joining my collaborative science pinterest board. I'll be coming back here soon to join the linky party!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter


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