Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Learning all about autumn and apples!

 This week as part of our fall unit we are focusing on apples. One of our math center games is filling in apple themed ten frames for numbers 1-10. We have used a variety of materials in our ten frames, including unifix cubes, counting bears, floam and play doh. The play doh was the favorite to use because they could make it look like 'apples' for the ten frames. I have a few students that were even organizing their ten frames and filling it out from left to right which made me happy because I have not introduced that yet. Our big thing that we are working on is counting and counting each object. Even my students who can count all the way to 100 we are having to remind to touch/point and count each object.

In our free writing center we have lots of fall themed word cards for the more advance students to write the words, and I also have leaf and apple themed letter cards for my other students to use in their writing.

fall theme writing
In science we have been focusing on the life cycle of an apple, the parts of an apple and characteristics of apples. My students are doing a fabulous job with the life cycle of an apple and will tell you all about it! We also have made some great charts about apples, including what apples have and what you can make using apples.  

Be sure to check back to find out all about our apple tasting this week! Have you done any fun apple activities this fall?

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