Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday- finished product!

Tonight I have been working on finishing a few products. Here is the link to my newest product that is now available on TPT: greater than/less than/equal to with numbers 1-10: counting bears theme. It is $2.00 and includes reference sheets for students to help with the < > = signs, worksheets and a game. I laminated the worksheets to be one of my options in my math center. The game that is included is also another math center option.

example of a worksheet that I laminated for math centers

game board

Today we finalized our list of themes (and the order and dates) for September through December and each month we focus on an author so we picked those as well. So in addition to working on products, I've been searching pinterest and TPT for things for our upcoming themes. Especially for our themes that we've never done before and are starting from scratch. Be sure to keep an eye on my pinterest boards because I will be starting a board for each of the themes (and maybe you will be able to find something useful on there :) ).

Also, don't forget if you have a freebie that you would like for me to spotlight during my blog post series focusing on freebies, please fill out the form located at this blog post.


  1. Your new unit looks great!! I'm headed over to fill out your freebie showcase form! What a great idea! :)
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