Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cowboy/Western Unit

Starting next week, I am doing a 2 week cowboy and western unit with my pre-k class. Tonight I finally finished my math activities for this unit! There are a variety of activities in this unit since my class is currently a mixture of the few students I have left that do not start kindergarten until the end of August, and the few new students that have just started that will be in my class for the next year. Here is a glimpse at some of the items that are included: 

Number sequencing cards for numbers 1-20

Ten frame cards for numbers 1-10
Activities to practice counting and writing numbers
Overall there are 23 pages in this packet with 4 different activities. I really like how the sequencing game turned out since I am getting ready to start practicing number order and recognizing numbers 1-10 with my younger students. 

I'm excited to be doing this theme unit, I have never really done this theme before so it's been fun to search pinterest  for ideas :) 

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