Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Ready for School!

I still have 2 more weeks before the rest of my current pre-k students leave for kindergarten and then I get my new group. I have spent the last few days getting things ready for the first few weeks of school and starting to find activities and make things for the rest of September and October. Today I finished my fall math activities packet which includes 3 different activities focusing on the numbers 0-10.

Now I'm getting ready to spend the rest of the day printing, cutting and laminating all of the great stuff I got during the TPT Back to School sale! I bought printer ink, paper and more laminating pages yesterday so I am ready to get started!


  1. I've been cutting and laminating today too! My kids used to say "What's that smell?". Now they say "Mum's laminating" before they enter the room!

    Teach With Laughter

    1. My laminator and printer got quite a workout yesterday.



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