Thursday, June 20, 2013

Colorful Mystery Word Art

We have started our science exploration for the summer! To start off with, we are focusing on colors and rainbows. Our first project is mystery words (and pictures) art. I premade a few sheets by writing sight words (using a white crayon) on white construction paper. I explained that I had written color words on the white paper using a white crayons. I asked the class how could we see what was on the paper? The students suggested using our "paint markers" since we knew from previous experience that the color from these markers would not stick to the crayon. Students could only color a part of the paper and had to guess what word/words was on their paper before they could color all of it to see if they were correct.

getting started

Afterwards a few of the students decided they wanted to draw mystery pictures for their friends to color. This was an interesting (and had a few frustrating moments) experience since they quickly realized they could not see what they were drawing.

one of the "mystery" pictures

They did a great job though (once they figured out a few tricks). One student had a friend helping her and kept on having her friend put her finger on the paper so that she would know where she had just drawn. Another friend kept rubbing their fingers across the paper because they realized they could feel where they had drawn with the crayon.

This was a fun project. They enjoyed trying to guess the words on their paper and were laughing at their friends (sometimes crazy) guesses.

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