Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Letter Crafts

One of our Christmas and winter themed crafts was making a letter and craft for some of the vocabulary/sight words that we have been focusing on for Christmas and winter. We first made a list of words and then decided which ones we wanted to represent on letters. Here are some of the ones that we came up with:
B- bow
C- Christmas, Christmas tree
P- presents
S- snow, Santa
T- tree
Z- zipper 

The students traced our large letter stencils and then cut out the letter. Next they wrote the vocabulary word on the letter and then decorated it to represent the vocabulary word. 

L for Lights

They turned out so cute! We have them displayed in the hallway and have received so many compliments. I may do this with more themes in the futures. It is a great way to practice lots of different skills at once. 

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