Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3D Christmas Tree Craft

Today we finished up our Christmas trees! They turned out so cute! Everyone was so proud of their trees and were complimenting each other on their trees and how they liked how their friends decorated their trees. 

Here is how we made them. 

First, I cut out the tree outlines using my Cameo. Or you can cut out trees yourself. Each student needs 2 trees. 

This is what my trees looked like cut out.

Next you need to make a slit on the top of 1 of the trees and at the bottom of the other tree so that you can slide them together.

Then slide the trees together and they should stand up!

Then we worked on decorating our trees. This took a couple of days since you do have to decorate both sides. We used paint, glitter and sequins to decorate our trees. We also were able to practice lots of different fine motor skills by decorating our trees. We used Q-tips and glitter paint to make our 'lights' on our tree.

Then after they dry, you can slide them together, stand them up and you are ready to go!

Did you do a Christmas tree craft this year?

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