Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What We've Been Up To!

These past few weeks we have had a cowboy and western theme. I did a short cowboy unit back during the summer with my summer camp kids and was excited that we had decided to do cowboys this fall.

 We learned about camping and how cowboys would use the starts to help them know where they were going. Making different kinds of stars (our night sky pictures and sheriff badges) gave us lots of practice on recognizing the star shape and lots of fine motor practice.

These were our dry erase counting sheets in one of our math centers (these sheets can be found as part of Western Packet in my TPT store).

Another math center activity- counting the number of horses and circling the correct number. 

Letter "C: is for cow!

Mining for gold.

Our cowboy campfire craft! This was so much fun and lead to many great discussions about the use of campfires. We made a larger campfire and had it available in the reading center so students could sit by the campfire and read a great western story. 

This is a really cute book! We read it quite a few times and the audio version of the book is fabulous! 

Have you ever done a cowboy/western theme with your class before? 

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