Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

While I was looking on Pinterest for cute Thanksgiving crafts to do with my class this year I kept on seeing this cute turkey craft. So I decided to make it with my class this past week and they turned out so cute! We now have a huge bulletin board covered in these turkey wreaths. 
Items needed (for each student):
-paper plate
-2 eyes
-pipe cleaner for beak and legs
-colored paper for "feathers" (about 8 strips for each student)
-brown construction paper (for turkey body)

Teacher prep: cut out the inside of the paper plate and cut enough paper strips for each student (I gave my students lots of color options but you could use whatever colors you would like).

1. Trace the student's foot (with shoe on) onto brown construction paper. Then either the teacher or student (depending on their cutting ability) can cut out the outline. This will be the turkey body. 
2. Glue on eyes onto the turkey body. 
3. Cut the pipe cleaner into 3 pieces. Glue on 2 pieces to be the turkey legs and 1 to be the beak (bend this pipe cleaner piece into a v shape). 
4. Set the turkey body aside to dry while working on the wreath of feathers. 

5. Decide on the colors that will be used for the feathers. Students can do all 1 color, pattern, etc. Students will need approximately 8 strips to make the wreath.
6. Take a color strip and put glue on 1 end. Then fold it to make it into a circle and glue together. Then glue the circle onto the paper plate.

7. Continue until the paper plate is covered.

8. Glue on the turkey body. You can either have the turkey body hanging down on the wreath, or place it in the middle.
9. Let if finish drying before displaying!

I just love these turkeys!

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  1. I am moving from first to K and love your ideas. Thank you! Gina


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