Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Art Projects and Bulletin Board Displays

 We have done so many fall themed art projects these past 2 weeks. After spending a couple of days talking about autumn and the signs of autumn we made a class autumn mural. The students took turns painting and adding different items to our mural including trees, leaves, apples and pumpkins. They did such a great job painting and working together! We received many compliments on our mural and students were asking if we could make another one. I was impressed with how well they worked together and would add to what previous students had already painted. It was a great activity for team work!

working on the mural

Our finished autumn mural
Students also made lots of individual art projects. We put to of the art projects together to make our large autumn bulletin board display in our classroom. Each student made an autumn tree and a wreath. For the autumn trees we used construction paper and cut out the trunk and branches of the tree. Next (we had torn paper into small pieces before starting the project) we added our leaves. The students fully made the trees themselves and understood that the leaves are changing colors and that leaves are falling off of the trees.  Next we made our autumn wreaths where we practiced our cutting skills and cut out leaves to glue on our wreaths (and then wrote our names using glitter). 

Our finished display! 

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