Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Activities- Sorting Letters

 Last week we started our month long unit about fall, apples and pumpkins. One reason that I love this month long unit is because there are so many different activities and ideas that you can do! One of our skills that we are really focusing on right now is letter recognition and the differences between upper and lowercase letters. Last year I created 4 file folder games to help with this skill and this year's class loves these games. They are available in the literacy center and students can decide whether they want to do the game individually or work with a partner. These games are a fun way to practice letter recognition and students that are a variety of skill levels can play the games. Plus it's a fun, easy way to assess the students as well (and they don't know that they are being assessed!).

This game focuses on sorting upper and lower case letters
I also created a set of awards that I am giving out to students as they are able to recognize their letters. You can download the awards here for free.

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  1. My best birthday present ever was a surprise getaway to San Antonio, TX to visit my grandkids!

  2. I love the units for Fall! To me, it is the cutest season for themed units. Love the file folder games! I am working on that with my preschooler now. :)


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