Sunday, October 28, 2012

Apple Tree Craft Project

During our week of focusing on apples, we made apple trees! We had so much fun making these, and it was a great way to practice a variety of skills while talking about the parts of a tree and reviewing the life cycle of an apple. We started out by cutting brown construction paper in half and then gluing it to make a cylinder. Next we cut out the top of our trees using green construction paper. Then the students used glue and made dots to be the apples and we used red glitter to represent apples. Once that dried we attached it to the top of our cylinders (hot gluing it worked the best so that it stuck quickly and wasn't moving around) and we had apple trees! They also made for a cute display on top of our shelf in front our our display that we made for the seasons of the apple tree. 

top of the tree

cutting out paper to be the trunk of the tree

glitter for the apples
Our apple trees!

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