Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tell Me Something Good

I'm linking up with Rowdy in First Grade's linky party, tell me something good.

My Something Good From School:
With my pre-k class, we are finally getting into a routine! They know now pretty much what to do during each part of the day and understand how our centers work (and not having to go around to each center every time we change centers and explain what they are suppose to do). Yay! It's so nice that they now know what is coming next and I don't have someone asking every couple of minutes what are we doing next or when do we go to lunch. 

My Something Good From Home: 
Football season is here! I love watching football and I'm glad football has started so that I have something to watch while I work on lesson plans and cutting things out. Even though it probably takes me longer now because I get distracted by the game that is currently on :) 

What is something good that is going on with you?

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  1. Amen to football season being here! And another AMEN to NOT being asked when lunch or snack is! When my kids ask that for the 100th time I say "Lunch is at lunchtime." Ha! Gotta get my kicks somewhere! So glad you linked up!
    Rowdy in First Grade


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