Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Freebie Spotlight!

I have lots of freebies to share this week to help everyone start getting ready for upcoming fall/apple/pumpkins themes/1

Freebie spotlight #1 is Apple Math Work Station Missing Numbers 0-30 by Pocketful of Centers. This activity is great to go along with learning number order and recognizing numbers (and it's perfect to use with upcoming fall themes!). It includes 31 apple themed number strips to fill in the missing number.

Freebie spotlight #2 is Fall Word Wall Words by Pocketful of Centers. These word cards are great to use for building vocabulary and to use for writing. I plan on using these both with my pre-k and first grade class. With my pre-k class we are going to use the cards to help increase our fall vocabulary and to label pictures that we are going to draw. With the first grade class they will be used to help with writing prompts and to label art as well. I also have printed off a second set and have cut apart the pictures from the words so that students have to match the word to the picture.

Freebie spotlight #3 is for my I have, who has numbers 1-20 fall theme. This is a fun fall theme game to play with your students to practice counting and number recognition.


  1. I love the fall word wall words and think it would be great to include in my writing center for students to use as a resource.

  2. I love the Fall Word Wall Words! Great for incorporating the Fall Season!


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