Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bingo! and Giveaway

Here are some photos of my Numbers 1-20 Bingo being used in my classroom. My students love playing bingo and its a great way to practice and review different skills. This bingo game focuses on numbers 1-20 and we play that you have to fill up your board to win. 

When we played this time we were using unifix cubes as counters. I've also used counting bears and buttons for game pieces. We usually play 3 or 4 rounds and students have to switch boards each time. Sometimes we play as a large group, other times it's with just 3 or 4 students and 1 student is 'bingo boss' and calls out the numbers/letters. Do you play bingo with your class?

Don't forget to enter my giveaway (and you can win this bingo game!). 


  1. Thanks..I bought a math bingo game from Target the ohter day and wanted to see how teachers implement this game. So you play it as a whole group?

    1. Yes, I play as a whole group sometimes. With my math themed bingo games it is available as a option during math centers on Fridays.



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