Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anyone Interested??????

Hi everyone, so I will be going on vacation to Las Vegas July 22-27. Its a girls trip with various women in my family including my mom, grandma, and various aunts and cousins. Over half of us are teachers or retired teachers :) The youngest person going is 21 and the oldest is 86, so we are a very interesting and entertaining group.  Since I will be in Las Vegas I decided that I want to have a fun giveaway while I am gone. If you would like to donate something to the giveaway here (now closed). If you are participating, you will be giving your product twice, one for the grand prize where the winner gets everything that is being offered, and then once for the other prizes (there will be groups of products). This way there will be multiple chances for people to win. If you would like to donate something, please fill out the form by Monday morning as I will start organizing this on Monday. There will also be lots of other surprises that week as well :) 

Time to work on organizing stuff. My hubby is gone all day today so that I can make a mess and spread everything out and see what I have. Plus that means I can go to Target and find some cute things to help organize this great big mess :)  And I have a ton of stuff to print out- I won a giveaway this week at Primary Possibilities blog and I have so much cute stuff to check out, and all of the things that I found on TPT this week. So time to get to work!


  1. Have fun on your trip! I'm headed out tomorrow to visit my best friend. Girl time is so fun! I'm a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

    1. Thanks, I can't wait. I'm glad I have lots of fun things planned for the next week or I would go crazy waiting to leave to go on vacation.


  2. Thanks for the opportunity! I just added a product! Have a fun trip!


  3. Thanks for doing this....will be my first giveaway! Probably not as exciting as Vegas though? LOL Great blog!

  4. I am new to blogging and this looked like a lot of fun! Thanks and have a safe trip!

    Doodle’s Daily Domain

  5. Oh I wish I had a product to add! Your trip sounds like it will be soooo much fun! I am absolutely jealous! I sometimes wish I had a larger family so we could do stuff like that. Have an absolute blast!! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!


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